How much CBD do I take each day?

Guidelines to follow:

  1. Before you purchase a product that you ingest, look at third-party lab results to ensure the product is CBD. If you need assistance with reading the Lab Results, please call or email us. CBD is not regulated by the FDA. If the product does not have third-party lab results, do not purchase the product.
  2. Talk to your doctor if you have health a condition that requires medication. CBD is known to interact with some medications.
  3. Stop using the CBD product if you are having a negative reaction to it. Keep in mind that people report the following side effects from taking CBD: changes in weight, changes in appetite and ingesting a large dose could make you sleepy.  Most CBD professionals agree that you cannot overdose on CBD.
  4. CBD is a superfood and like any food, you will feel sick if you ingest too much in one serving. Always talk to your doctor before you start any new treatments, and If you have any specific questions, feel free to email or call us.  We’re here to help!

There are 4 reasons CBD will work or will not work for you:

  1. It is vital to figure out the correct dose (call for help at GR Wellness Center if you would like someone to review your ideas about dosing).
  2. The quality of the CBD makes a difference, and you will only know the quality of a product by reading the lab results.  
  3. Your body’s ability to fully absorb CBD will impact the effects. Everyone has unique reasons for taking CBD, so finding the proper method is key to successful use of CBD. If ingesting CBD isn’t working for you, then vaping may be a better option. GR Wellness Center is always available to help you figure out the approach that works best for you. 
  4. The strength of the product will impact the cost of the dose you are taking. If you need help in understanding the potency of our products, do not hesitate to inquire.