Why We Value Education On CBD:

  • We believe that excellent customer service involves online and in-person education. The goal is to support our customers as they choose the products they believe will enable personal health and wellness. A person will achieve this through self-awareness and education on CBD.
  • There is so much conflicting information on CBD that a person can get confused and misled by reading bits and pieces of information. Sadly some companies will sell a bottle labeled as hemp oil for a hefty price. The reality is there is no CBD in that bottle; it is only hempseed oil. Situations like this make us passionate to help our customers become knowledgeable about the basics of CBD.  
  • We find information from the manufacturing companies that we buy our products from YouTube sites and other highly recommended sources by professionals who work with CBD daily. The way I determine the information is rigorous is when I find the same information over and over through multiple sources.
5 yellow bottles of cbd oil in a row

Relevant information is important to us, so contact us if you have questions. Some of the information we post answers the following questions: what is the difference between CBD and THC, what are the benefits of CBD, what type of CBD I should take, how much CBD I should take, is CBD addictive or can I overdose on it, and how do I begin taking CBD?